Introducing: SkyWatch.AI Referral Program

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What does this promotion entail?

This promotion gives you a chance to get free drone coverage up to £22.50!

Invite a friend to SkyWatch.AI and you'll both receive free drone coverage when your friend makes a purchase.

As a registered SkyWatch.AI user, you have a personal invite code that can be shared with friends interested in obtaining commercial drone insurance with SkyWatch.AI.

You can share your promo code with as many friends as you like. However, keep in mind, for your friends to be eligible they must be first time SkyWatch.AI users without any insurance purchase history. 

This promotion is a limited time offer.

Referral Program in Action:

- Download the SkyWatch.AI app, register and create your profile.

- Once you have your SkyWatch.AI profile set up, enter the app and tap ‘Refer a Friend’ on the main menu of the SkyWatch.AI App. Copy your code from the refer a friend screen and send it directly to new users, or press the ‘Share Code With Friends’ button at the bottom of the screen.

Refer a Friend Screen

- When the new user enters your promo code and sets up their first insurance policy, you'll both receive insurance credits up to £22.50. You will be notified via email and when you receive free coverage!

Email Notification

You will then be able to find the promotional reward in the ‘My Discounts’ tab of the SkyWatch.AI main menu.

If you don’t receive confirmation for a referral, this means the user may not have entered your code when purchasing, or the user simply hasn’t obtained insurance yet. We welcome you to encourage your friends to take advantage of this special coverage promotion!

How can I use these credits?

These credits can be used in a variety of ways:

  1. If you already have a monthly policy, the credits can be used for your next renewal. If your policy amounts to more than £22.50, you will only be charged the difference.
  2. A one month policy up to £22.50. Again, if your policy amounts to more, you will one be charged the difference.
  3. You can split the credits up to several hourly policies. Each hourly policy will be deducted from the £22.50 balance.

When scheduling your hourly or monthly policy, you will see your referral credit applied to your estimated price.

Insurance Details with Discount Applied

Important Details: 

  • You are eligible for one referral reward per each new user you refer.
  • If your referral has already purchased an insurance policy with SkyWatch.AI, you will unfortunately not be eligible for this promotion.
  • If your referral has registered with SkyWatch.AI but has not completed a purchase, you will still be eligible for the promotion. 
  • Once obtaining free coverage, you can redeem it at any time. The credits do not have a date of expiration.  

If you have already received a promo code from a friend, here's how to use it! 

Have more specific questions about our referral program? Here is a detailed list of our FAQs.

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