Account Personalization Feature and Rate App Dialogue (New on version 2.2.2)

Here's everything new on SkyWatch.AI Version 2.2.2

Before we continue, we would like to thank our pilot community for the great feedback during the past months. Not only the involvement in creating the hull coverage process, but also sharing genuine experience with the app and engagements with clients and contractors. This helps us improves and drives us to work harder to create the best coverage solutions possible. THANK YOU!

SkyWatch.AI Version 2.2.2 is available on Google Play and Apple App Store for mobile & tablet

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2.2.2 Updates:

Put Your Company Up Front

  • Now you can personalize your account by adding your company's logo to your profile

Rate your SkyWatch.AI experience directly from the app

Improved iPhone XR/XS/XSMAX support

2.2.1 Updates:

Real-Time Weather Widget

  • Plan your flights based on real-time weather updates at any location (also available globally).

Annual Purchase Reports

  • Get a complete report of all your policies and payment straight to your email!

SkyWatchAI My Flights Screen

2.1.8 Updates:

User Controlled Policy Management

  • Flight History is now My Flights - Including all your policies, shared flights and their Safety Score analysis
  • Cancel a scheduled insurance directly from the app - Pre-book an on-demand hourly policy and modify it directly from the app.
  • Select auto-renew/1 month when you buy a monthly plan - You can now purchase a monthly policy and limit it to 1 month only or set it to do-not-renew and make sure you are getting continuous coverage. Set this option directly from the monthly plan customization page.
  • Set a monthly policy to do-not-renew - Flexibility is one of our advantages. You can now modify/pause your policy every month
  • Policy readability improvements - Policy email now includes detailed breakdown of premiums and discounts.

Main Menu

Account Menu now includes:

  • Profile
  • Payment Details
  • Logout

Help Menu now includes

  • Contact us
  • Bug report
  • FAQ
  • First steps tutorial

SkyWatchAI New Menus
New menus and policy email

Flight Planning

  • Map zoom-in when too far away - Easier to get the max coverage area for an on-demand hourly insurance
  • Fixed a satellite bug (thank you Dave Fratantoni)
SkyWatchAI App My Discounts

Hull Coverage

  • Added detailed description for each item with estimated premium (not including discounts) and deductibles

Additional updates

  • My Discounts screen - Clear graphics and presentation on all mobile and tablet versions
  • Updated: First time user guide
  • Misc Bug fixes - Even those little ones!