Safety Score Discount Portal For AirData & DJI Flight Logs

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About SkyWatch.AI's Safety Score:

If you are a safe drone pilot there is no question that you deserve to pay less on your insurance premiums. With SkyWatch.AI you can! Through our Safety Score discount offering, we invite pilots to share previous flight logs in order to lower insurance rates. By reviewing flight telemetry we provide a quick risk analysis that determines the safety level of each given flight. The average of all your flights will become your Safety Score and depending on your level of safety, you will be granted anywhere from 10%-30% off your premiums. 

Safety Score Breakdown
Safety Score Breakdown

Safety Score Portal

Our online Safety Score portal allows you to directly upload your flight logs from any DJI drone or any flight that is uploaded to AirDataWe require a minimum of 5 flight logs with at least 5 minutes flying time in order to obtain an initial safety score. 


How to retrieve AirData Flight logs

How to retrieve DJI logs

Online Portal

We ask that you upload DJI logs in TXT file format and AirData logs in CSV file format.

Flights uploaded to portal

Once your files have been analyzed, you will receive an email with your redeemable discount code.

Uploaded Flights

Enter your code into the My Discounts screen to have it applied!

Safety Score Applied - My Discounts Screen

If you do not have DJI TXT flight logs or do not use AirData, please contact our team at for alternative solutions.

We appreciate your commitment to safe flying! 

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