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"Drone insurance company SkyWatch launched an insurance plan in partnership with insurance and financial services organization Starr Companies. The plan determines insurance rates based upon a pilot’s safety score."
The Drone Girl: This Drone Insurance Company Will Alter Your Rate Based On Your Safety Score
"We’ve recently announced the first big milestone in SkyWatch’s life — our seed investment. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the story behind the scenes; Who we are, and what we’re about."
SkyWatch Blog: Why we’re building a product like SkyWatch
"We saw a clear opportunity to use our knowledge and expertise to create a clear “safety score” that helps operators know how well they fly - and as soon as we had a prototype we realized that the implications for the industry can be vast. That’s when we decided to commit to building the SkyWatch platform."
CEO Center Stage: Tomer Kashi, CEO and Co-Founder of SkyWatch
“Safety is often cited as one of the top setbacks for the industry. SkyWatch will revolutionize drone safety by giving operators a holistic, one-stop solution to manage their flight safety. As more pilots improve their safety standards, regulators will lower the bar and open the skies to more operators, thus expanding this already emerging market.”
Drone Safety and Insurance Platform SkyWatch Scores $2 Million in Seed Funding
"SkyWatch says it will use the financing to continue building its platform – enabling drone service providers to track important safety metrics during pre-flight, flight execution and post-flight – as well as building on-demand insurance solutions."
Silicon Valley Start-Up Raises Millions for UAV Risk Management Platform
"SkyWatch, a startup focused on analyzing data and risk for the drone industry, has reeled in $2 million in seed funding from a number of investors including insurance industry vets."
SkyWatch, a Drone Data Risk Analysis Startup, Raises $2M With Insurance Industry Support
"My love affair with flying started in the Israeli Air Force. I was a part of the “Talpiot” program (imagine the love child of MIT and Westpoint Officer’s Academy, with some Israeli flavor), and this is also where I met Ori and Ronny — my fellow Co-founders at SkyWatch."
AIthoirty interview with Tomer Kashi, SkyWatch's CEO

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