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Get an affordable policy online
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Top “A” rated insurance

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Top “A” rated insurance

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What our pilots have to say

Google reviews

Mario Grana

I am planning to re-start my flight training and was looking at SkyWatch. I am glad that with you, I am able to purchase based upon need (daily, weekly, monthly). It just makes sense.

Andrew Alden Miller

Director, DP

Your team was helpful, professional and courteous throughout the claim process. You made a bad day a little better.

William Rasmussen

Thank you for all your help with getting the insurance needed by my hangar. I will definitely recommend you to other pilots!

Manny Marron

Drone Vision Media

The claim handling was perfect. The team was professional and got it done ASAP. I really appreciate it.

Greg Reverdiau

Co-founder, Lead Instructor @Pilot Institute

SkyWatch makes getting drone insurance easy. Their flexible plans and well designed app makes them my go-to provider.

David Lanter

Timanu Labs

Outstanding customer service: quick replies, customization of COI. Everything is possible. Thanks a lot!

Bob DeNitto

Owner, White Post Productions

Excellent, great service, get answers to any questions quickly!

Aaron Jeschke

Air Recon

Thanks so much for helping my claim get through quickly. I got my check last week and am happy this turned out better than expected.

Wyatt Bowles

B&C Aerial Solutions

The interface is very easy to use, and my customer loved that everything covered was spelled out.

Ryan Keller

RLK Edits

The production company and everyone was super happy with your help, you guys made me look good

Reasons to fly with us

Quicker & Easier

We offer the quickest and easiest way to get insurance in the industry.

Customized to Your Needs

Control your policy’s features, costs, payment plan, and more.

Fully Digital

Save time and money with our fully digital end-to-end process.

Morgan S.

Certificated Flight Instructor

There’s no one I recommend more than SkyWatch. They’ve got affordable rates and unlike any other provider, they offer flexibility to get daily, weekly, and monthly coverage, in addition to yearly. I use them myself for my CFI insurance! I’ll bet you can’t beat the rates and flexibility SkyWatch offers.
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Aircraft owners

The only aircraft owners insurance with a monthly payment option and an instant quote system. These unique aspects of SkyWatch makes it the quickest and the most affordable option for aircraft owners.

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Best Aviation Insurance for Aircraft owner’s

We believe it is time for the next generation of aviation insurance - faster, easier, and more customized to the needs of pilots.

With Skywatch aircraft owner's insurance, you can enjoy a simple fully online process, mid-term changes to your policy, flexible payment plans, and many more.

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SkyWatch Aviation Insurance Support

We are pilots like yourself, and are glad to help you in your journey!

Our team is committed to offer the best aviation insurance for aircraft owner’s and help pilots fly with peace of mind.

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