On-Demand Drone Insurance

Fly with peace of mind with a simple, fast and transparent coverage. Choose an hourly or a monthly plan - Safer Pilots Pay Less!

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Drone Liability Insurance App Planning

See potential hazards before lift-off and in real-time

Get drone insurance that suits your needs, whether you're flying commercially or just for fun

And the best part?
The safer you fly - the less you'll pay

Empowering you
to focus on flying

Best-in-class risk map

In-flight real-time safety warnings

Post-flight analysis and insights

Drone insurance
as it’s meant to be

Instant, easy-to-purchase drone insurance

Extensive yet readable policy

Customizable durations & limits

Priced for your needs

Insurance only when you need it

Tailored flight zones

Safer pilots pay less

Empowering Drone Pilots

"The interface is very easy to use, and my customer loved that everything covered was spelled out"


"A fresh take on drone insurance. Being able to pay as you fly saves you a lot of money!"

Billy Kyle, Drone video Creator

"The production company and everyone was super happy with your help, you guys made me look good"
Ryan Keller Commercial Drone Pilot

Ryan Keller, RLK Edits


"We’ve recently announced the first big milestone in SkyWatch’s life — our seed investment. I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the story behind the scenes; Who we are, and what we’re about."
SkyWatch Blog
"We saw a clear opportunity to use our knowledge and expertise to create a clear “safety score” that helps operators know how well they fly - and as soon as we had a prototype we realized that the implications for the industry can be vast. That’s when we decided to commit to building the SkyWatch platform."
Verizon Ventures
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