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Liability Insurance

Protects you against 3rd party bodily injury or property damage imposed while operating your drone.

Modify as You Go

Modify your coverage when needed. Control your drone insurance features and costs

Smartly Priced

Safe pilots are rewarded.
Your experience and skills can get you of up to 50% discount.

Explore our flexible and affordable drone insurance plans

Planning a one-time project?
Fly by the hour
Customize your liability coverage to your needs on-the-go
Multiple flights ahead of you?
Get the monthly plan
Ongoing coverage with extreme flexibility
Drone professional with advanced equipment?
Get an annual plan
Inclusive drone insurance with lower hull rates

Choose the right plan for you

Discounts up to 50% off for safe pilots!

Monthly Plan

Affordable and flexible
  • Coverage anytime, anywhere in the US
  • Hull insurance for drones & equipment (optional)
  • Flexible plan. Modify by the month

Hourly On-Demand

per flight
Instant liability coverage
  • Plan your flight and avoid potential risks
  • Customize your policy in a few clicks
  • Pre-booking available

Monthly Plan

Affordable and flexible
  • Coverage anytime and anywhere in the US
  • Hull insurance for drones & equipment (optional)
  • Stay in control - Modify by the month

Annual Plan

Top choice for drone professionals
  • Reduced hull rate for drones & equipment
  • Inclusive coverage for professionals
  • Set up once, modify whenever
Liability limits from $0.5M to $10M

Join thousands of US drone pilots

Thanks so much for helping my claim get through quickly. I got my check last week and am happy this turned out better than expected.
Aaron Jeschke
Air Recon
The interface is very easy to use, and my customer loved that everything covered was spelled out.
Wyatt Bowles
B&C Aerial Solutions
This app offers a fresh take on drone liability insurance. Being able to pay as you fly saves you a lot of money! Especially with all of the discounts you are eligible to earn.
Billy Kyle
Drone video creator
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