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insurance by the month

Flexible and inclusive month-by-month plan including liability and hull coverage

  • Comfortable monthly payments

  • Designed for frequent flyers

  • Insurance coverage across the entire US

  • Safe pilots pay less!

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Our drone insurance policies cover

  • 3rd party aviation liability coverage for all uses

  • Liability coverage for all drones under one policy

  • Bodily injury and property damage (from $0.5 to $5M liability limit)

  • Add your client as an additional insured with no extra payment

  • Personal injury and privacy claims coverage

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Pilots who fly on a regular basis need an ongoing, reliable coverage.

That's why we created a first of its kind monthly drone insurance plan. Pilots can control their coverage, with access to inclusive and affordable liability and hull coverage rates.

By subscribing to SkyWatch Monthly,  you'll be covered anytime and anywhere in the US, without additional setup or costs. In addition you'll be able to customize and modify your coverage on the go.

Add hull coverage to protect your drones and equipment against physical damage, loss, and theft. (Including on-ground and in-air). Modify your hull inventory at any time and cover new or rented drones and equipment right when you need it!

Additional coverages

Expended Personal Injury coverage (privacy claims)
Expended Medical Pay coverage
Indoor coverage for commercial, training and racing
Worldwide coverage for commercial use


Full control with clear and easy monthly payments
Option to add hull coverage for better protection
Month by month changes for liability and hull coverage
Easily add rented drones and equipment

Flexible monthly policy, built to scale

  • Coverage anytime and anywhere in the US

  • Setup once, change whenever you need to

  • Hull coverage for drones & equipment including rentals

  • Free to fly with any app/controller

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Choose the right plan for you

Discounts up to 30% off for safe pilots!

Monthly plan

  • Coverage anytime and anywhere in the US

  • Hull insurance for drones & equipment

  • Stay in control - Modify by the month

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Maximum flexibility, always in control

Annual plan

  • Reduced hull rate for drones & equipment

  • Inclusive coverage for professionals

  • Set up once, modify whenever

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Best Value

Top choice for drone professionals

Christopher Helkey

cinematographer & drone pilot

I've been using SkyWatch.AI for years and I can say that they are the absolute best! The price is super affordable and their team is top notch. they are on call to help me submit all the insurance information I need to get filming permits when I need it, even when I had last minute requests. I cannot say enough good things about the SkyWatch team.
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