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From 1 hour to a full day, we've got you covered.

  • Instant aviation liability coverage

  • Customize the policy to your needs

  • Fly Safe Pay Less discounts up to 30%

  • Inclusive One policy for all your drones

  • Easy to use setup directly on your mobile

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Our drone insurance policies cover

  • 3rd party aviation liability coverage for all uses

  • Liability coverage for all drones under one policy

  • Bodily injury and property damage (from $0.5 to $5M liability limit)

  • Add your client as an additional insured with no extra payment

  • Personal injury and privacy claims coverage

Fly safe - Pay less

We value your safety and experience! That's why we provide Insurance Discounts up to 30% based on your Insurance Experience and Safety Score.

When sharing your flight data*, our unique algorithm analyzes your drone's telematics and allows you to see how safe you flew. After a few flights you will get our proprietary Safety Score analysis (so you can improve on your next flight) and an appropriate discount.

Flying safely over time and having a no-claim history will get you an additional discount on your premiums. When purchasing a monthly plan you will get an additional Insurance Experience discount every consecutive month without a claim.

How to share your flight data?
- Fly with the SkyWatch.AI DJI compatible flight module
- Share DJI and AirData logs through our web portal
- Connect via DroneDeploy integration

  • Note 1: A minimum of 5 flights is required to get a final score. Flight duration should be at least 5 minutes.

  • Note 2: Using the flight module is OPTIONAL and won't affect your coverage. Once the insurance is active you can fly with any controller app/device you want.

Fly safe - Pay less

Can I insure multiple drones within the same policy?

Which areas does my SkyWatch policy cover?

Can I cancel my pre-booked policy?

My client requested to be named as an additional insured. How do I do that? Is there an additional cost?

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