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Inclusive liability and hull insurance, all year long. Purchase once, change whenever.

  • All your drones under one policy

  • 365 days of coverage across the US

  • Reduced hull rates

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Top “A” rated insurance

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Top “A” rated insurance

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Recent Reviews

Mario Grana

I am planning to re-start my flight training and was looking at SkyWatch. I am glad that with you, I am able to purchase based upon need (daily, weekly, monthly). It just makes sense.

William Rasmussen

Thank you for all your help with getting the insurance needed by my hangar. I will definitely recommend you to other pilots!

Aaron Jeschke

Air Recon

Thanks so much for helping my claim get through quickly. I got my check last week and am happy this turned out better than expected.

Wyatt Bowles

B&C Aerial Solutions

The interface is very easy to use, and my customer loved that everything covered was spelled out.

Ryan Keller

RLK Edits

The production company and everyone was super happy with your help, you guys made me look good

Top “A” Rated Insurance

Our drone insurance policies cover

  • 3rd party aviation liability coverage for all uses

  • Liability coverage for all drones under one policy

  • Bodily injury and property damage (from $0.5 to $5M liability limit)

  • Add your client as an additional insured with no extra payment

  • Personal injury and privacy claims coverage

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Drone professionals are moving fast!

That's why we offer an annual insurance plan, where pilots can fly with peace of mind with an inclusivepolicy covering both liability and hull. Our policies are rated A "Excellent" by AM Best and trusted by top drone professionals.

With an SkyWatch's annual plan, you'll be covered anywhere and anytime in the US, without additional setup or costs. Over the course of the year, you can modify your additional insured and certificate of insurance as need be!

Add hull coverage to your policy and protect your drones and equipment against physical damage,loss, and theft. (Including on ground and in air).

Additional coverages

Expended Personal Injury coverage (privacy claims)
Expended Medical Pay coverage
Indoor coverage for commercial, training and racing
Worldwide coverage for commercial use


Full control with clear and easy monthly payments
Option to add hull coverage for better protection
Month by month changes for liability and hull coverage
Easily add rented drones and equipment

The optimal coverage for drone professionals

  • Coverage anytime and anywhere in the US.

  • Setup once, change whenever you need to.

  • Hull coverage for drones & equipment including rentals.

  • Free to fly with any app/controller.

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Choose the right plan for you

Monthly plan

  • Coverage anytime and anywhere in the US

  • Hull insurance for drones & equipment

  • Stay in control - Modify by the month

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Maximum flexibility, always in control

Annual plan

  • Reduced hull rate for drones & equipment

  • Inclusive coverage for professionals

  • Set up once, modify whenever

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Best Value

Top choice for drone professionals

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