Billy Kyle's Top 5 Drone Takeaways from CES 2020 (+Video)

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The Customer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas introduced the latest transformative drone technologies. Join drones pro, Billy Kyle as he shares a deeper look into what is in store this year.


Review, video and images by: Billy Kyle

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the world’s largest trade show where global innovators showcase their breakthrough and revolutionary technology advancements. 

This year, the event hosted over 180,000 attendees, and attracted businesses from diverse industries. As a drone and tech enthusiast, there is no doubt that this is the place to be.  As the new decade kicks in, you don’t want to miss out on these new drone advancements that are guaranteed to change the name of the game.

Drone professional Billy Kyle gives us the top 5 takeaways from CES 2020. Check out the video and read more about each drone below

1. Autel Evo 2 

At CES 2018, Autel introduced the first Evo Drone. While the original Evo greatly resembled the DJI Mavic Pro, it did not manage to knock it off the shelf. The newly introduced Evo 2, however, may have managed to bring some competitive edge to the pro. 

According to Kyle, this is the “greatest drone released at CES 2020!” This is largely due to the drone’s impressive flying time, battery life, and ability to switch three different cameras onto it. 

Some of the key features include:

  • 9 KM Range
  • 8K video
  • Thermal camera
  • Omni-directional obstacle avoidance 
  • Capacity for 256 GB SD card
Autel Evo 2 Displayed at CES 2020
Autel Evo 2 Displayed at CES 2020

2. XDynamics evolve 2 

Kyle gives this drone the title “best looking drone at CES 2020”.

While the Evolve 1 introduced a fully integrated drone platform that valued drone pilot experience and drone elements equally, it still missed the mark and did not reach its potential. 

Based on Kyle’s interaction with this drone at CES, he believe Xdynamics "went back to the drawing board" with full force, and this year, were able to deliver a drone product that can truly compete with the DJI inspire line. 

This drone looks sleek, is streamlined, and produces specks that are truly incredible. This drone may not be for everyone, says Kyle, but it definitely sets a high standard! 

Evolve 2 key features:

  • 4K @ 120 fps
  • Pro resolution
  • 12 megapixels
  • 33 minute flight time
  • 57mph speed
Evolve 2 Displayed at CES 2020

3. ZeroZero V falcon

First things first, this drone made the cut as the “most unique drone introduced at CES 2020.”

This drone does raise some questions for Kyle, as it is not clear how viable it will be to operate a drone with only 2 motors. Nevertheless, the drone brings a new and unique idea which makes more an interesting look.  

The drone has a “title rotor design” which makes it easy to navigate where you want the drone to go.Most importantly, since this drone only spins 4 motors, it uses way less power and is therefore able to have a flight time of 50 minutes! 

Though there are still some speculation regarding how this will be when actually up in the air, there is no doubt that will definitely make an impact on how drones will be created and shaped from here on out. We look forward to hearing more about this drone’s flying abilities once Billy gets the chance to gain more hands experience with it.

V Falcon Displayed at CES 2020

4. PowerVision PowerEgg X

Based on its review, we've deemed the PowerVision PowerEgg X as the most diverse drone from this year’s events. 

Not only is this drone waterproof, but it can also be used as a camcorder! Essentially, this drone is an AI selfie camera. The 4.6 egg shaped device has a 4K camera, reaches a top speed of 44 mph, and can land and take off in the water. Truly impressive.

With this drone, there is no need to wait for the perfect sunny day in order to go out for a flight. The PowerEgg X brings an entirely new trend into the drone scene. Even if you are not a fan of this particular drone, you should get excited about what it means for the future. Who knows how this will shape the way DJI moves forward in their upcoming lines?

PowerVision PowerEgg X Displayed at CES 2020

5. Insta 360 Mavic Mount 

While this is not a drone, it has still made Kyle’s list as it changes the way the Mavic pro, and Mavic 2 pro can capture 360 footage. The mount holds the Insta 360 camera on the drone and allows you to get 360 images without capturing the drone itself in the frame!

Using this mount changes the way pilots can benefit from the Insta 360 camera itself.  This concept is new, unique and will create allow companies to further incorporate this photographic ability into their work from here on out. 

“Action cameras go hand in hand with drones”

It will be interesting to see how this technology will be utilized by other drones in the future, especially for FPV.

Insta 360 Mavic Mount Displayed at CES 2020
Insta 360 Mavic Mount Displayed at CES 2020

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