Drone Business: Top 10 Drone Business Website Principles + 3 Awesome Examples

DroneDrone Business: Top 10 Drone Business Website Principles + 3 Awesome Examplesour wonderful blue background that gives skywatch the brand it is

Having a website for your drone business in 2020 is elementary. This is your way to be found online, showcase your work, and enable potential clients to contact you. We gathered 10 principles and some leading examples of professional drone websites that you can learn from.


Part of my daily tasks includes going through hundreds of websites on a weekly basis. This includes everything from huge corporates, to small-medium local businesses. As a marketer, website developer and consumer, one thing I have learned is that a website can reveal a lot about a company (and the people behind it). A great website is not only appealing to the eye but also provides a better experience, leaving a lasting memory and enables conversion.

Whether you’re building a website for your drone business, or thinking about redesigning your current website, I’ve created a list of principles that can help you throughout the process. While many of these principles are universal, I tried to include some that are more prevalent to the needs and goals of businesses within the drone industry. 

Additionally, to keep the article more practical, I’ve also included 3 drone website samples that I saved during the course of my online browsing. I strongly believe that these websites do a great job implementing 10 necessary principles. Naturally, as there are so many great websites out there with different aspects to take into consideration - this is not a definitive list. 

Want us to take a look at your website? Have a pointer we didn’t mention? Join our community to continue the discussion and share your thoughts.

10 principles for a successful drone website

The goal of your website is to provide valuable information for your potential client. There are various ways to supply information - from great images,  to videos, articles , and testimonials. But… What is truly valuable to your visitors? This is up to you to discover. You want to understand what is the right content and what is the best way to deliver it. Here is a suggested methodology:

  • Define your potential clients (market research, industry insights, etc.)
  • Find out what’s valuable to them (how are they making their decisions)
  • Find the right content (what can motivate them?)
  • Deliver it in the best way possible

Show, don’t tell
Drones can provide stunning imagery with some of the most advanced technology. Remember this when creating your website. Great design and great images capture your client’s eye and show a professional attitude more than anything. 

Imagine your visitor scrolling through your website and thinking “Ah! That’s exactly what I need”. Imagine going to a restaurant and watching the waiter serve the most enticing dish. Your natural response is “I’ll have what he’s having.” Keep in mind that one of the main challenges is creating trust online, rather than saying “You can trust me” show your work and past clients.

Compare the visitor journey on your website as a walk through an outdoor market. You don’t have much time,  and you don’t want to bombard your visitors with overwhelming, irrelevant messages. That’s why you must have great structure and hierarchy. Remember “location-location-location?” Begin with simple and easy-to-understand messages and content, and develop them as your visitors continue their online journey.

Now, after you’ve created a great structure and hierarchy, it’s time to help your visitors find what they need, fast. Sites with great navigation reduce the time needed to find the right content but also create an invitation to explore. Build your navigation to provide easy ways to discover new information, while also giving visitors a sense of confidence with an easy structure, and ability to venture back.

Call to action
Let’s begin with a question: “What is the single most valuable action I’d like my visitors to do?” Whether you would like your clients to give you a call, leave their details, view your gallery, or follow you on social media, make sure to have a clear, distinctive and accessible call to action. In the back of your mind, you should always be thinking, “Why should my visitors do action X.” When you have the answer to this in mind, you’ll be able to assist your visitors to do so throughout their journey.

While you might offer a number of services for different industries, providing too much data might actually distract your visitors from finding what they need. You just can’t have it all, so it’s time to decide what matters the most. Remove unnecessary content that will distract your visitors and pick only the best images. If you want to expand and get into details, consider doing so in inner pages.

Your website should be about one thing: YOU. That’s why your visitors need to understand your value and why they should work with you. Move past the generic messages, fancy drone images and be unique. Show yourself in action, provide details about your qualification, skills and expertise, and create trust through testimonials.

Optimize for search
Your website is there to be found. And as smart as Google’s search algorithm can be, you need to help it find your website and understand its value. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge field in marketing, but you don’t need a lot to do it properly.

Just think about your visitor and make sure to structure your headlines and texts, provide original content, and make your information accessible.

Almost 50% of today’s web traffic is done through a mobile device. That’s why your website should be accessible and usable through mobile web as well. Majority of the  existing website development platforms provide responsive layouts and templates that can be easily used. Each device and platform provide a different experience, so make sure to run a timely test on desktop, tablet and mobile, to make sure that your site is accessible, properly working and loading fast.

Let’s face it, websites can be… overwhelming. Never ending galleries and long texts that no one will ever read might create the exact opposite effect and deter your visitors.  Make sure to keep your website simple, and to the point. Not only will this be easier for you to manage and update, but you will make it easier for your visitors to find exactly what they need. Sometimes less is more. It may be a cliche but it’s definitely true! 

3 examples of great drone business websites you should learn from

Company: Mapik

Industry: Construction

Site:  https://www.mapik.io/

Mapik is a Miami-based drone company that specializes in construction, real estate and agriculture. Their website is a great example of the above 10 principles. With great structure, clear call to action, and on-point content, Mapik manages to prove to the viewer their expertise, while also learning a lot about the company. 

One main takeaway: The main screen manages to provide valuable information through simple and smart headlines, images and colors.

Company: SkyeCam

Industry: Entertainment

Website: https://www.skyecam.com/

Experience and creativity are two of the most important factors in the entertainment industry. That’s why SkyeCam’s stunning website is a great example of a portfolio, showing the company’s work with leading brands and projects.

One main takeaway: This is a very good example of structure and message hierarchy that actually creates trust. As you scroll through the website you keep discovering their creative work and learn more about the company’s abilities - while gradually gaining more trust due to their work with big brands and large scaled projects.

Company: Pro Property Shots

Industry: Real Estate

Website: : https://www.propropertyshots.com/

The real estate industry LOVES drones. That’s because they bring a unique perspective, along with stunning imagery,and ultimately promotes sales. Having said that, this is one of the most competitive and crowded markets, that’s why the main challenge is to stand out by providing unique value. At first glance, Pro Property Shots’s website is simple but also inviting. You are intrigued to research and discover more about the variety of the company’s services. Once you are given a hint of their unique offering, you are motivated to keep exploring their full list of services. Additionally their website is extremely organized, as seen with the upper menus.

One main takeaway: One picture is worth a thousand words, but the smart use of pictures can tell a story! The website highlights the value of a professional job with quality and technology. Each one of the different services is detailed so it is easier to understand and request.

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