Webinar: Drone Insurance for Commercial Pilots

DroneWebinar: Drone Insurance for Commercial Pilots our wonderful blue background that gives skywatch the brand it is


Join insurance specialist Brandon Packman as he covers basic terminology, insurance best practices and SkyWatch.AI app walk-through.


- Introduction to Insurance

- Drone Insurance 101

- SkyWatch.AI Walkthrough

- Q&A

See the full list of topics and time marks below or on the video's description

Time Marks:

0:05 - Welcome by Richard Scriven (ABJ Drones/Vantage UAV)

0:45 - Opening & agenda Brandon Packman (SkyWatch.AI)

2:48 - Introduction to insurance

3:25 - Insurance types

5:03 - Drone insurance

5:53 - Q: Getting hull insurance (Learn more here)

6:10 - Common client requests - Liability limits, Certificate of Insurance (COI), additional insured

8:09 - Q: Getting coverage for multiple drones

8:45 - SkyWatch.AI App overview & unique features

11:08 - First: Profile setup (First time user guide)

11:36 - Step 1: Flight planning

13:28 - Q: Coverage for commercial vs. recreational flights

14:12 - Q: Coverage for fly-aways

14:40 - Q: Getting discounts based on insurance experience

15:25 - Q: International availability

16:33 - Step 2: Policy customization

18:00 - Step 3: Getting the policy and certificate

18:20 - Safety Score and discounts

20:05 - Q: Customer request for General Liability

20:50 - Summary

21:30 - Q: Night time coverage

22:15 - Q: Using other controller apps

24:00 - DroneDeploy integration (Learn more about SkyWatch.AI Integration here)

This webinar was originally hosted by ABJ Drones and Vantage UAV

ABJ Drones
Vantage UAV

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