How to Ensure Success with Drone Light Show Insurance?

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Drone light shows have become a captivating form of entertainment, but ensuring their success requires prioritizing safety and managing potential risks. This is where drone insurance plays a crucial role in light shows. In this blog, we highlight the importance of insurance for drone light shows, its key benefits, and how SkyWatch can help you.


Drone Light Show Liability Coverage

In order to visually stand out, drone shows require a high count of UAS units, all in the air at the same time. An activity of this caliber increases the potential for collison or property damage. Liability insurance covers third-party Bodily Injury or Property Damage claims, minimizing the financial burden of legal liabilities.

Protecting Your Investment

Drone light shows involve significant investments in equipment. Hull insurance, which can optionally be applied, can safeguard these assets against damage, loss, or theft, and provides financial support in unforeseen circumstances. 

 The right Drone Insurance can take you to the next level

Customized Solutions

We understand that every drone light show is unique. Our experienced team offers tailored insurance solutions to match your specific requirements, whether you organize local shows or international events.


Expert Claims Handling

In case of a claim, our dedicated team ensures efficient and hassle-free claims resolution. We guide you through the process, providing prompt and fair settlements to get you back on track quickly.



Securing comprehensive insurance is a pivotal part of your drone light show business. Other than the peace of mind that comes along with your SkyWatch Liability coverage, you can also protect your inventory, and personalize your plan. 

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