Guide: Purchasing Monthly Plan on Web

Purchasing a monthly policy is now possible straight from your computer. 

To book your policy online click here.

In this guide we will provide a short walk-through with details about the different web interactions.

* Disclaimer: The web portal is supported on the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge *

The process for first-time users includes 5 steps:

Step #1: Policy Customization

Once entering the web portal, the entire policy customization experience and pricing will be shown.

Here you can:

  • Choose your liability limit
  • Add hull insurance
  • Add an additional insured
SkyWatch.AI Web Portal Screenshot

Step #2: Sign up/Login

After proceeding to ‘Get Insured’ you will be asked to sign in to your existing account. If you are not already registered, this is your time to create an account.

For New Users:

SkyWatch.AI Web Portal Screenshot

Step #3: Profile Creation (for new users only)

Here you will be asked to enter all essential pilot details.

SkyWatch.AI Web Portal Screenshot

Step #4: Payment Details

After setting up your account, you will be sent an email registration certificate as proof of joining the SkyWatch.AI network. You will then be asked to enter your credit card information. Existing users will also be taken to this page.

SkyWatch.AI Web Portal Screenshot

Step #5: Finalize Your Policy

With your credit card information being saved, you will be able to complete the process and view the final documents.

Once clicking ‘BEGIN COVERAGE’ you will immediately be shown your Certificate of Insurance on the screen. It will include the authentication link (+QR) as shown.

You will also receive an email with the policy and COI.

SkyWatch.AI Web Portal Screenshot

Once you have completed this process you are all set! 

If you come across any troubles, feel free to contact us at