Guide: Welcome to SkyWatch.AI! First Steps for New UK Pilots

If this is your first time using SkyWatch.AI - Welcome! In this post you'll find our essential first steps.

Getting Started:

Follow these steps to book your first on-demand insurance:

  • Plan your flight area
  • Get real-time price estimation depending on your location and our AI's risk analysis
  • Hit GO when you're ready
Flight Planning in UK

Set your Insurance Details and view the final price

Insurance Details SkyWatch.AI app

  1. Start time - Immediate start, pre-book (minimum 1 hour before the flight) or a monthly
  2. Liability Limit - Ranges from $0.5M to $10M
  3. Duration
  4. You can add an additional insured without extra cost Read here
  5. Proceed to complete your personal details and payment method
  6. Confirm your purchase and receive the policy directly to your email

Video review

Have a safe flight!

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