How on-demand aviation renters insurance tailors to your schedule

DroneHow on-demand aviation renters insurance tailors to your scheduleour wonderful blue background that gives skywatch the brand it is

What makes SkyWatch Aviation Insurance stand out in the industry?


I fly every day. When I want to go flying, I always take the time and go rip some holes in the sky. When I am working to level up my pilot rating (Go get that IFR, will you?), I focus 100% and take the time to learn and practice every day. It’s always my top priority. 

Thats me, doing what I love the most

Let’s be honest. That’s a pipe dream for all of us. We have real jobs. We have families. We have a list of hobbies longer than a politician’s closing comments. And most of us have that whole budget thing to deal with. Yet, we do our best to keep proficient, safe, and keep moving ahead in building our skills to do the coolest thing a human can do today: FLY. 

When we do go fly, we have a whole unwritten pre-checklist to deal with before we even walk to the airplane. Is my EFB up to date (Downloading)? What thrilling FAA reg was I supposed to read before my next lesson? And where the hell are the spare AA batteries for my headset? Then we get to the airplane many of us rent, and the last thing on our mind is.

New aviation insurance that is flexible & tailored to your flight schedule - We are just stoked to be able to go fly! And when insurance does come to mind for one reason or another, it’s that moment that we think: “Hmm. Not my airplane. I am renting it. But hey, they are insured, so I am good.

What is the importance of renters aviation insurance?

Well, I will be brutally honest. Aviation isn’t cheap, but we pilots are. And I have been too. I never bought a renters insurance policy for a much more pedestrian reason than “They are covered and I am a rebel that lives on the edge. Let it roll.” I scrutinize what I pay for. Signing a year-long renters policy knowing that I won’t fly for months in the winter, and often other logbook gaps that happen to all of us always seemed like a pricey add-on. I felt like I was paying money for little value, months at a time. 

Got to love my rental days

Why pay for aviation renters insurance when you don't fly?

With SkyWatch light aircraft insurance, I now do the same thing when I rent airplanes. I insure only my rental days, and sometimes the whole months that I fly a lot, and I don’t buy renters insurance for the winter months and when life gets in the way of flying for a few months. That changed with some high-tech wizardry of the crew at Skywatch and my half-hearted attempts at adulting. I am now all grown up and insure my aircraft rental days. Rental days is the operative term. I insure ONLY the time that I actually fly. A revelation if there ever was one. 

I don’t pay for fuel for that airplane when I don’t fly it. So I am not paying for aircraft renters insurance when I don’t fly it either. Skywatch will tell you there is a lot of great tech and science behind what they do. For me … it’s a simple no-brainer that saves me some dollars that I can pour right back into flying. Interested in the new Skywatch Aviation renters Insurance? Get a quote here in less than 5 minutes. 

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