Guide: Welcome to SkyWatch.AI! First Steps for New Pilots

If this is your first time using SkyWatch.AI - Welcome! In this post you'll find our first steps guide, top Frequently Asked Questions and video guides and reviews.

Getting Started:

Follow these steps to book your first on-demand insurance:

  • Plan your flight area with either our radius or polygon feature and get real time price estimations based on your location and our AI risk analysis
    - The polygon tool lets you map out your specific flying location (as seen on the left image below)
    - The radius measures your location by 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, or 1/2 mile (as seen on the right image below)

Flight Planning Features
  • Press GO to set your insurance details and get your final price
    - Set your start time at the top of the screen. Selecting Now! will have your coverage begin immediately. Press Schedule to pre-book a policy, and Monthly to start a monthly plan
    - Choose your liability limit, ranging from $0.5M to $10M
    - Select duration
    - Include indoor coverage for drone training or drone racing (optional)
    - Add additional insured to your policy and COI at no extra cost. Learn more
Insurance Details Screen
  • Click Get Insured to complete your personal details and payment method.
  • Confirm your purchase and receive the policy directly to your email!

Watch the video below to see the process in action!

Top FAQs for you:

How to add an additional insured?

What is covered by the policy?

I would like to see a sample of the policy

I want to join the monthly plan (including physical damage/hull)

Webinar: Drone Insurance for Commercial Pilots

Video review

Have a safe flight!

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