How To Keep Your Flying Skills Safe & Sharp

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For this year's FAA National Drone Safety Awareness Week we've teamed up with DroneUp. Here's what we believe is important for improving your flying skills!


Maintaining safe practices as a drone pilot requires ongoing improvement of skills, whether it is for an organization’s internal drone program, your own business, or a drone service provider like DroneUp. In order to stay on top of your game, there’s no substitute for: 

  • Robust Training
  • Hands-on Practice

Beyond Part 107 test prep, drone pilots should consider formal training courses to supplement free resources that are available. Attending training will help you understand new equipment and techniques. It provides valuable context for how and why certain procedures contribute to safe drone operations, and are often an important step to maintaining compliance with FAA waivers

Practicing with your drone is an effective way to improve flying skills. Consider attending local drone pilot meet-ups, or build your portfolio by completing flights similar to those you’d like to be hired for in the future. Spending extra time flying provides drone pilots the opportunity to perfect core techniques and begin mastering new stick skills.

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Even the most advanced drone pilots can benefit from additional training and extra time in the field to further develop their knowledge and techniques. By improving your flying skills, you can be a part of the drone industry’s safety culture. DroneUp’s Training & Program Development Team can get you started here, or for more information about our flight services and products contact DroneUp here.

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