International Women's Day with SkyWatch.AI!

DroneInternational Women's Day with SkyWatch.AI! our wonderful blue background that gives skywatch the brand it is

SkyWatch.AI is proud to have so many female pilots take to the skies with our drone insurance. We hope to encourage other women to join our drone community - and the drone industry.


Since 2018, SkyWatch.AI has been serving thousands of commercial and recreational drone pilots across the United States. As our drone pilot community increases, so does the number of female pilots. We are thrilled to see so many women in aviation and we look forward to serving more in the future. We'll be sure to continue to update this blog as more pilots share their stories.

Let's take a closer look and learn more about how our spectacular women pilots are contributing to the drone industry every day!

Angie D-Photography, First Impressions PDX

Since 2014, Angie has photographed over 500 homes in the Portland area. Through her company, First Impression PDX, Angie provides real estate and commercial photography, matterport 3D showcase, 360 views, aerial photography and virtual staging.

Angie with her Mavic 2 Pro, Aerial view of Willamette River in Portland, OR

Linda Q Photography

Specializing in Construction and Architecture, Linda's work stems from a construction-business family. Drones offer an amazing perspective of job sites and work in progress.

"I love flying drones! And I love the client's reactions to images and videos I create."
Linda with Drone on Site
Linda on Site in Nevada

Robin Baugh, Rising Wave Productions

Robin and Maria Baugh became UAV Pilots after learning that Robin's department with CBS Television was going to be hubbed out to another state last year. Robin was a Technical Director and had been with CBS Los Angeles for about 25 years. With the loss of her job looming, they both decided to become UAV Pilots. Robin and Maria attended Dronitek Aviation last May to get certified as 107 Pilots. Dronitek is one of the top flight academies in the country. After getting their licenses, they were soon out in the field shooting Commercial Real Estate and in the Fall, they landed a Contract with Southern California Edison as subcontractors. Together, they spent the fall on this Contract flying UAV Inspections as part of a two person team. They both worked as the respective teams Safety Officer/Visual Observer. Once their contract was completed in January, they began working in Real Estate again!

The UAV world is very much like Entertainment as the work is sporadic, so to diversify Robin and Marie have their own Publishing Company where they service Copywriting clients. Robin also work as a Media Specialist for the NFL in Los Angeles.

Maria on site in California

Maria Jones Baugh, Rising Wave Productions

Maria and Robin work as a team at Rising Wave Productions. They both work utility infrastructure inspections and real estate/ architectural shoots in the So. Cal area.

As you can see below, Maria was honored to be part of a utility inspection team to fly on the NASA JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory) campus!

"I never could have imagined that when I first started out! The JPL gift shop will never be the same!"  
Maria at the JPL Campus, Lake Gregory Rock Shoreline
"Really, what is Every woman's dream...To Rise...Above all that holds us down. If We Believe...We can learn to fly---And, in time, we will Soar!...Now is Our Time..."

Desi Ekstein, On The Go Video.Biz

Desi Ekstein, an Adjunct Instructor of Unmanned Aerial Systems. She is known in the Unmanned Aviation Industry as “Drone Diva Desi”.  She is a FAA Certified 107 Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC), Lead FAASTeam Representative and DronePro San Diego, and an AUVSI San Diego Board member. She is an AUVSI TOP Level 3 pilot and Level 2 instructor. She is an UAS Operations instructor at TCI MiraCosta College. Desi is involved with many STEM and other outreach programs such as, Elementary Science Institute (EIS) “Girls Take Flight” as part of a young female STEM program. She is the owner of her own drone company On The Go where she offers drone services and training.

Desi on site in California

Helen McCreary, Doctoral Student, Archaeological Sciences

Helen is an archaeologist and spatial data specialist working at the Ohio UAS Center. She uses all sorts of drones and sensors to help inspect and map state infrastructure. The UAS Center is also developing Ohio's first UTM system to support BVLOS flight!

Helen on site

Ellie McCutcheon, Drone Pilot

Ellie is a Northern California-based drone pilot specializing in aerial storytelling techniques for filmmakers and journalists. She uses the Inspire 2 for clients who need the highest quality and Mavic 2 Pro for clients who need a small footprint. She loves filming the dramatic landscapes of the Western U.S., and is also one of about 50 worldwide brand ambassadors for Women Who Drone!

Ellie with Inspire 2

Cheryl Butter, Tehachapi Live Train Cams

Cheryl is one of the proud founders of Tehachapi Live Train Cams! The company has three 24/7 live-streaming cams viewing the trains as they move over the Tehachapi Pass in Kern County CA, including at the historic Tehachapi Loop. They have added a Mavic 2 Pro so that they can view areas the cams can’t see and that are not accessible by foot. They also use drones for sudden incidents such as train derailments.

"I am blessed to be the pilot of our drone and I love it! They probably aren’t those amazing aerials that people strive for, but it is what we do with our drone who we affectionately call “Benji”."
Aerial view of Kern Country, CA

Kim Lersch, Florida First Drone Services

Kim provides drone photography, videography, and roof inspection services for the Greater Tampa Bay area.

"I love it when I go to a job site and the client looks so surprised to see me, a 55 year old female pilot.  Many have a stereotype of a 20 year old guy with FPV goggles and a racing drone!  The great thing about flying is anyone can do it. Drones up!"
Kim on Site in Florida

We are proud to have all these remarkable women as part of the SkyWatch.AI community. Together, they are responsabile for innovating, leading, and driving the drone industry toward equality. Thank you for all you do. An equal world in an enabled world!

Want to have your drone business and work shared? Contact and we will be delighted to include you as well.

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