News: Introducing SkyWatch.AI's Dedicated Partnership With 11 Aviation Brokers

We are pleased to introduce our new partnership and technological integration with ten major American Insurance Brokers. Learn more about how to obtain a monthly policy via the dedicated broker web portal.

Now, SkyWatch.AI's monthly drone insurance policies can be purchased through our technological integration with:

SkyWatch.AI Broker Web Portal

Through our dedicated web portal, these nine brokers will be able to provide their customers with direct access to SkyWatch.AI’s monthly drone insurance services. Like always, the policies will be underwritten by Starr Insurance Companies. SkyWatch.AI liability and hull insurance options can now be purchased on the SkyWatch.AI app, SkyWatch.AI Web, and the broker’s web portal.

The same prices and insurance discounts will be available on all three platforms. Pilots who currently use the mobile app will have the ability to sync their accounts between the SkyWatch.AI mobile app and the web portal.

As drone technologies advance and the drone pilot network increases, SkyWatch.AI will continue to provide the community with the best, most advanced drone insurance solutions. We look forward to expanding our services and solutions to a larger base of drone pilots. This new development will make our product more available to pilots who want to work with their own personalized brokers.

Feel free to contact us at for questions regarding the new broker integration!

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