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Looking to upgrade your insurance coverage? From inside to worldwide - we've got your covered.


As the drone industry continue to develop, and more pilots are exposed to new jobs and operations, we have seen a significant change in insurance demands. More companies are hiring drone pilots for special missions and are requiring them to obtain insurance that meets their expected standards.

If your company requires extended drone insurance solutions for advanced operation, we are fully prepared to simplify this experience for you. Just as the industry is developing everyday, so are we. We've spent the last few months understanding the depth of these requests so that our underwriting team could provide proper solutions.

As a result, we've enabled various policy improvements. These include the following coverages:

Indoor Coverage for All Commercial Operations

  • Moving your operations inside? We've got you covered. Adding indoor coverage to your policy will allow you to extend your liability insurance to all commercial operations inside properties.
  • This coverage also includes drone training and racing up to $1M in liability.
  • Indoor coverage can be added to all SkyWatch.AI policies (hourly, monthly, and annual).

Worldwide Coverage Territory

  • Scale your business operations by taking them overseas.
  • Available on SkyWatch.AI's monthly and annual plans.
  • Commercial only - Recreational flights performed internationally will not be included.

Extended Medical Expenses

  • Standard SkyWatch.AI policies provide medical expenses at $500 per person. For an additional premium, this can be increased to $1,000/$2,000/$5,000 per person.
  • This coverage can be added directly through the policy customization screen.
  • Learn more about Medical Expenses

Upgraded Personal Injury liability

  • Standard SkyWatch.AI policies provide liability for personal injury at $25,000 per occurrence. This too can be increased to $100,000 for an additional premium.
  • This coverage can be added directly through the policy customization screen.
  • Learn more about Personal Injury?

$10M Liability and/or High Value Hull Coverage

  • Going big? We're right there with you. Fill in our enterprise application or contact our pilot support team directly at
  • Standard SkyWatch.AI policies provide liability coverage of up to $5M.
  • Hull coverage for drones and equipment of up to $30K (each item) can be added directly through our system.

Have questions? We're here to help. Contact us by phone or email to learn more.

Email: Support@SkyWatch.AI

Phone: 888-364-5033

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