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DroneDeploy users can now get instant on-demand drone insurance for their flight plan directly from the DroneDeploy platform. Additional discounts are also available by syncing your flight history and receiving a Safety Score.


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Updated: September 2018

SkyWatch.AI Drone Insurance on DroneDeploy

We’re proud to announce our new integration with DroneDeploy, one of the leading cloud software platforms for commercial drones. Read the detailed guides below and learn how to insure your flight and get your insurance discounts.

Watch the video guide or read the complete guide below:

Step 1: Install the SkyWatch.AI App from the Drone Deploy app market

Drone liability insurance app

Step 2: Set up your on-demand insurance

Plan your flight area and open the SkyWatch.AI app and view the suggested hourly price, this is the initial estimation for 1 hour of $1M liability limit.

Per flight coverage

After proceeding, simply customize the policy to your needs with the desired start date, liability limit and duration.

SkyWatch Drone Deploy On demand Insurance

View the policy details and add an additional insured.

Drone Insurance Coverage Details

Step 3: The policy and all the relevant certificates will be sent to your email instantly.

Drone Insurance policy

How to get a Safety Score discount?

Watch the video or follow the super-easy 4-steps guide and learn how:


Step 1: Install SkyWatch.AI’s app on DroneDeploy

SkyWatch drone insurance application

Step 2: Access SkyWatch app from the main screen and sync your flights

Drone insurance discounts setup
Share your flights directly from DroneDeploy

NOTE: The evaluation process might take up to 24 hours

Step 3: Check your email for SkyWatch.AI’s analysis including your Safety Score and a personal discount code.

Safety Score notification
Check your email for the SkyWatch.AI Safety Score and your discount code

Step 4: Go to the My Discounts section inside SkyWatch.AI mobile app and redeem your code to receive your discount.

My discounts mobile app
Get your discount on SkyWatch.AI mobile app

Don’t have the SkyWatch.AI mobile app yet? Get it on on Apple App Store and on Google Play

For more information visit our FAQ

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