SkyWatch.AI <> DroneUp Integration

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SkyWatch.AI is proud to provide tailor-made liability coverage to DroneUp's pilots. The insurance will be seamlessly integrated to each mission directly through the DroneUp mobile app.

Step 1 - Mission acceptance through the DroneUp mobile app

The DroneUp mobile app is available on Apple App Store and Google Play

DroneUp Mobile App - Mission

Step 2 - Preflight checklist for complete safety and readiness

Step 3 - Airspace LAANC/waiver checkup

Step 4 - Insurance Setup according to the mission's flight plan

Step 5 - Ready to go!

The pilot is fully covered for the whole mission

About DroneUp

DroneUp logo

DroneUp is a comprehensive drone pilot network of single-pilots and pilot organizations for hire. We deliver on-demand services to commercial, government, and military organizations. Our in-app and soon to be web-based platforms Mission Match pilots to jobs. Through our platforms, we can locate, qualify, and deploy a single-pilot or multi-pilot crew according to our client requirements. The DroneUp staff consists of poised business leaders, with expertise in aviation, IT, law, public safety, digital transformation, defense, and drone flight operations. DroneUp is committed to providing a comprehensive network of pilots while maintaining a steadfast commitment to efficient client services and safety.

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