SkyWatch.AI Launches Partnership With ParaZero

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SkyWatch.AI Drone Insurance is proud to announce its partnership with ParaZero, maker of the SafeAir drone safety system

SafeAir Mavic

The ParaZero SafeAir parachutes can be used on DJI Mavic and Phantom drones. These parachutes allow pilots to protect their drone, people and surrounding property as they automatically deploy in the event of a flight error or failure. These autonomous drone parachutes have prevented numerous accidents, and we at SkyWatch.AI want to encourage our pilots to benefit from such advanced technologies.

ParaZero SafeAir Parachutes comply with all drone regulation and have proved favorable when acquiring the necessary waiver for flying over people.

Through our shared efforts, pilots who have the SafeAir System will be eligible for increased discount rates when sharing their flight data and obtaining SkyWatch.AI drone insurance. We invite SafeAir owners to register through our dedicated SkyWatch.AI ParaZero Portal.

With the launch of this partnership ParaZero will give a limited time discount offer on top of other promotions. For details please reach out directly to

“Safety has always been a main priority in SkyWatch.AI’s efforts to promote drone usage,” said Tomer Kashi, SkyWatch.AI CEO and Co-Founder. “We are proud to team up with ParaZero as we believe that pilots who use advanced safety systems such as the SafeAir parachute should be rewarded.” 

“ParaZero is thrilled to be partnering with SkyWatch.AI. This is a unique opportunity that allows drone operators who take all the safety measures to be rewarded for their efforts to mitigate risk.” said Eden Attias, CEO of ParaZero.

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