Partners with Flight Schedule Pro Partners with Flight Schedule Proour wonderful blue background that gives skywatch the brand it is, a leader in flexible and affordable aviation insurance, is excited to announce a new partnership with Flight Schedule Pro, the trusted platform for flight operations management. This collaboration aims to simplify the way pilots manage their aviation needs, from scheduling flights to securing top-notch insurance coverage.


The Perfect Synergy

Flight Schedule Pro is renowned for its intuitive scheduling, real-time tracking, and robust reporting features, making it the go-to platform for thousands of aviation operators and aircraft. On the other hand, is the go-to option for quick, flexible, and affordable aircraft insurance for owners and renters.

This partnership brings together the operational excellence of Flight Schedule Pro and the insurance expertise of Users can now effortlessly secure insurance directly within the Flight Schedule Pro platform, simplifying the experience while enhancing safety measures.

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Executive Statements

Tomer Kashi, Co-founder and CEO, SkyWatch: "We are honored to collaborate with Flight Schedule Pro, a leader in aviation management. This partnership is not just about insurance; it's about providing a simple holistic solution for aviators' needs."

Andrew Dittrich, Director, Flight Schedule Pro Platform: “Flight Schedule Pro was looking for partners that offer unique products or services focused on the needs and complexities of the flight training environment. We felt that SkyWatch’s innovative approach to offering daily, weekly, and monthly plans enables students and renters to purchase coverage specifically suited to their flying needs. In addition, Skywatch’s quick and simple quoting system enables near instant access to coverage meaning pilots can become insured in mere minutes prior to takeoff.”

What's Next?

Whether you're an individual pilot, a flight school, or club, this partnership is crafted with your specific needs in mind. Don't miss the opportunity to take your flight operations to the next level with and Flight Schedule Pro.

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