Pilots, Preflight your Coverage: is Traditional Aircraft Renter’s Insurance Weighing you Down?

DronePilots, Preflight your Coverage: is Traditional Aircraft Renter’s Insurance Weighing you Down? our wonderful blue background that gives skywatch the brand it is

Chauncey Crail, an FAA-Certified Flight Instructor, explains what makes SkyWatch’s new non-owned aviation insurance so uniquely adaptable to the specific needs of every pilot.


Full fuel tanks provide a safety margin in the event of unforeseen headwinds or suddenly-closed runways, but paying annual premiums for rental aircraft insurance when you can purchase coverage for a shorter term only weighs you down. Why pay for rental insurance when you aren’t actually flying rental aircraft?

For part-time, weekend or fair-weather flyers, SkyWatch aircraft renter’s insurance allows pilots to pay for coverage on-demand; aircraft renters can purchase coverage by the week or even by the day and save on expensive annual premiums.


If you’re only flying upstate for a sandwich at the closest FBO restaurant a few times a year, the $100 hamburger—or whatever it actually costs you—is actually a “several hundred dollars more” hamburger if you’re paying an annual premium with your aircraft renter’s insurance carrier. Use SkyWatch’s pay-for-what-you-need coverage model and get the cost of that “every now and then” hamburger further away from “hard to digest” and closer to that advertised $100.

The flight-deck foodies aren’t the only ones to benefit: for any weekend or once-and-a-while flyers, on-demand aircraft renters insurance from SkyWatch helps make flying more affordable by reducing unnecessary insurance coverage and allowing the customer to hang onto the difference.

Hiatus-Takers, Part-Timers and Seasonal Pilots

Flight instructing is only one of several careers I have. Other work occasionally requires me to spend a month or more on the ground and away from the airport. For instructors and pilots like me, who balance flying with other responsibilities, it may not make sense to pay for insurance year-round.

For part-timers and those who take part of the year off for any reason, SkyWatch’s weekly and monthly options may fit the bill better than other, annual-or-longer insurance plans.

Fair-Weather Flyers

In some parts, winter means rain and snow. Like, “non-stop for six months” rain and snow. As in, “I shouldn’t fly in this” rain and snow. Why pay for insurance year-round when you can pay for it only in the months you can actually fly?

If the weather is bad and you’ve made good use of that great Aeronautical Decision Making your brilliant flight instructor taught you, why pay for insurance while you wait? Instead, use SkyWatch’s coverage terms to pay only when the sun is shining and the wind is right down the runway.

If you thought you'd never see the day where you can have flexible insurance designed for pilots like you, think again. Enjoy your peace of mind here.

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