How Ware is Optimizing Warehouse Inventory Processes With Autonomous Indoor Drones

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Labor challenges within warehouse and distribution centers are a thing of the past thanks to the innovative team at Ware. By using the Skydio 2, Ware’s software has made warehouse cycle counting and frequent inventory management a more attainable goal.


It’s been almost 2 years since co-founders Ian Smith and Joseph Moster began paving the future of warehouse inventory automation. Given their experience in the drone industry, the two understood the need for an innovative solution that would allow for a safer, smarter, and more effective inventory cycle counting system within the warehousing sector.

The world of e-commerce has grown exponentially over the years and given the vast online shopping demands of COVID-19, the ability to speed up the warehouse workforce is more relevant than ever.

Since its establishment, Ware has successfully delivered a solution that leverages autonomous drones to overcome existing labor challenges, such as performing accurate visible audits of inventory. Using Skydio 2, the first commercial autonomous drone, Ware provides both a software and hardware solutions.

Essentially, the autonomous drone flies throughout the warehouse, collects relevant images and information, such as pallet locations and barcodes. It then lands itself safely into established charging nests within the warehouse. Ware’s software analyzes all of the collected data and generates a readable and interactive report, enabling warehouse employees to make informed decisions in a timely manner. This end to end solution reduces safety risks for warehouse employees, as well as eliminates human statistical error.

This integration between Ware’s software and the Skydio 2 drone has revolutionized the day to day routine for warehouse operators.

Growth Mindset Amid Pandemic

While Ware’s transformation over the past two years has been remarkable, perhaps what makes the company truly stand out is the team’s ability to take a grassroots approach and accommodate the diverse needs of warehouses around the nation, especially during the ongoing pandemic.

Ware's Skydio 2 drone in action

Ian Smith, Ware’s CEO, describes the company as a “one-stop solution.” Ware works with clients from various third-party logistic companies providing all types of goods; yet, they strategize with each company independently to meet their current goals in order to truly customize each operation. Whether it’s a warehouse of 50,000 sq feet or 1,000,000+ sq feet, the Ware team conducts personalized consultations to understand the exact goals, prescribe the right number of drones needed, and establish the right safety procedures.

From the very beginning of the on-boarding process to the first deployment and each audit, the Ware team is responsible for support, maintenance, and everything in between.

The current pandemic has actually accelerated Ware’s ability to deploy its warehouse solutions remotely. The advanced technology can be fully deployed without having boots on the ground and in-person on-boarding. Warehouse operators are not required to have previous drone training and experience, and with the simple press of a button, they can begin their autonomous cycle counting operation.‍

Safely Integrating Drones into Day-to-Day Operation

With that being said, flight safety, of course, remains the highest priority. Ware has aligned its product to meet clients’ needs by ensuring the safest operation. In addition to Skydio 2’s advanced drone safety features, Smith explains that the company provides resources and tools that help warehouse employees prepare for each drone flight. Ware helps all clients effectively transition into this new advanced solution by advising the best practices for blocking off isles and establishing an internal communication plan.

Ware’s ability to couple drone capabilities, such as capturing high-quality images of a large facility, with data processing to generate accurate reports transforms the way warehouses manage their inventory. The company is steadily growing and with the recent rounds of funding, there is no doubt that in five years, we will see Ware’s capabilities not only expand internationally but into additional verticals beyond drones.

While Ware is responsible for transforming traditional warehouse operations, they are also further strengthening the drone industry by exposing the immense value that drone technology can bring to diverse sectors. At SkyWatch.AI, are proud to support their goals and work together with Ware as they continue breaking barriers. 

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