What’s an Agriculture Drone? Farmers’ New Flying Friend!

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Drones have a vast diversity of uses that often overlap into different industries. In agriculture, drones have been implemented to increase efficiency in crop production and management. With their ability to quickly collect and process data, drones help farmers increase crop efficiency while saving time and labor costs. 

Emerging Technologies

Drones can be equipped with A.I. to identify crops, pests, and soil irregularities, helping maintain crop health at much higher rate than with just human workers. High-quality, multi-spectral cameras and sensors enable these drones to analyze vast fields in minutes. 3D generations of fields can be made for further review of the quality of growth. These visualizations give the user a bird’s eye view of the recorded area with measured color and depth differences from the drone's cameras and sensors. Users can then pinpoint specific areas of focus, easily finding them with a GPS rather than walking up and down the rows analyzing each plant with their bare eye. 

Taking it to the Next Level

Along with location and analysis, agriculture drones can complete manual labor with higher efficiency than human workers. Powerful sensors allow drones to detect exactly how much water or pesticide the area needs, cutting costs on labor and reducing the amount of chemicals used. What would usually take a human a few hours to complete, could take just 10 minutes of flight with a specialized drone.


Pest infestations can be quickly identified and controlled with drone cameras and sensors. AI allows drones to quickly identify irregularities in crop growth and, at times, can even identify the pests themselves. Farmers can then go out and handle the situation themselves or program a path for their drones to follow and spray the affected areas.

Extrasensory Perception

Drones can conduct soil analyses when equipped with specialized sensors. These analyses are visualized in 3D renderings, giving users the ability to precisely plan where and how to improve the quality of the soil for the best possible produce. 3D mappings allow farmers to see exactly where inefficiencies are and plan accordingly.

Mitigating Risk

There are almost unlimited factors that farmers have to take into account to maintain the quality of function of their equipment. Unexpected weather, faulty equipment, potentially causing damage to others’ property, and other accidents all should be considered when owning and operating a drone. Drone insurance can help alleviate the risk that comes with piloting a drone. Skywatch is here to ease financial burden in the event of an accident that damages your agriculture drone. Get a personalized quote in just a few clicks!

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