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Introducing on demand airplane renters insurance.

  • Flexible Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual coverage

  • Suited For CFIs, students, private, and recreational pilots

  • Cover single engine land/sea, multi engine land aircrafts

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Top “A” rated insurance

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Top “A” rated insurance

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Reasons to fly with us

Top "A" Rated Insurance

Protect yourself with inclusive and customizable coverage.

Modify as You Go

Fly with freedom and control your policy’s features and costs.

Smartly Priced

Your training, skills, and experience can get you a discount on your policy.

What our pilots have to say

Top “A” Rated Insurance

Mario Grana

I am planning to re-start my flight training and was looking at SkyWatch. I am glad that with you, I am able to purchase based upon need (daily, weekly, monthly). It just makes sense.

Andrew Alden Miller

Your team was helpful, professional and courteous throughout the claim process. You made a bad day a little better.

William Rasmussen

Thank you for all your help with getting the insurance needed by my hangar. I will definitely recommend you to other pilots!

Manny Marron

The claim handling was perfect. The team was professional and got it done ASAP. I really appreciate it.

Greg Reverdiau

SkyWatch makes getting drone insurance easy. Their flexible plans and well designed app makes them my go-to provider.

David Lanter

Outstanding customer service: quick replies, customization of COI. Everything is possible. Thanks a lot!

Bob DeNitto

Excellent, great service, get answers to any questions quickly!

Aaron Jeschke

Thanks so much for helping my claim get through quickly. I got my check last week and am happy this turned out better than expected.

Wyatt Bowles

The interface is very easy to use, and my customer loved that everything covered was spelled out.

Ryan Keller

The production company and everyone was super happy with your help, you guys made me look good

Airplane renters insurance

Daily, weekly, monthly and annual coverage for flight instructors, students, private and recreational pilots renting single engine land/sea, multi engine land aircrafts.

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