SkyWatch Plus

Monthly drone insurance plan including liability and hull coverage

SkyWatch Plus Frequent Flyers

Designed for frequent flyers

Drone Insurance across US

Insurance coverage across the entire US

SkyWatch.AI Safer Pilots Pay Less

Safer Pilots Pay Less!

Monthly Drone Insurance

Pilots who fly on a regular basis need an ongoing, reliable coverage.

That’s why we created SkyWatch Plus - a first of its kind monthly drone insurance plan that allows safe pilots to get inclusive and affordable liability and hull coverage, directly from their mobile device or web.

With SkyWatch Plus, you can subscribe to a monthly plan covering all flight zones and times so you can fly anywhere in the US, for as long as you want, without additional setup or costs and pay less on your insurance premiums.

Add hull coverage and protect your drones and equipment on-ground and in-air.

You always know the monthly price you’re going to pay - so there are no surprise costs or surcharges!

SkyWatch On-Demand

Pay by the Hour

Planned coverage area

Customizable date and duration

Available through our mobile app

Cancel up to 5 minutes before flight

$1M liability base pricing $5-$10

No damage coverage

SkyWatch Plus

Monthly Payment

Fly anywhere in the US

Fly any time

Available on mobile and web app

Modify month by month

$1M liability base pricing $32-$65

Hull coverage to drones and equipment

$10M Max Liability Limit

Discounts up to 50% based on Safety Score and Insurance Experience

Explore Our Pricing

Simply choose your liability, get a price quote, and that’s it! We’ve got you covered! And the best part — both your Safety Score and Insurance Experience rate discounts (as listed in the app) are calculated into your monthly cost.

Liability Limit

Choose the coverage liability limit you desire:

Insurance Experience

The number of claims-free flight hours accumulated within SkyWatch.


Base rate


- 15%

4 Months

- 20%

5+ Months

- 25%

Safety Score

The average rating of all flights conducted within SkyWatch. (Min 5 flights)


Base rate


- 10%


- 20%


- 30%



When flying with SkyWatch, every flight you make is measured into our unique Safety Score algorithm

About SkyWatch's Discounts Model

Pilots with high Safety Scores receive an automatic discount on their premiums and pay less for each flight.
Additionally, your flight history can also give you a discount - having a no-claims history when flying with SkyWatch will yield an additional discount on your premiums.
In total, Safe pilots can save up to 50% on their monthly policy cost!

Additionally, loyal SkyWatch Plus users who renew their drone insurance subscription on a monthly basis are eligible for a 3 hours Insurance Experience discount.

"As a safe pilot, I used to pay an average of $7.5 per hour for a $1M liability coverage. As my business grew, and with 10 hours of flight a month, my monthly payment was summing up to ~$75. With the introduction of SkyWatch Plus, I now pay around $50/month and save 33% on a monthly basis!”

Justin Hensley, Aerial Nevada

Hull Coverage

As part of SkyWatch Plus we offer hull coverage including the drone's body and any mounted equipment. Insured operators with a Safety Score will receive an additional discount of up to 30% of the drone's value.

What is included?
- Physical damage to the drone/equipment body
- Covered both on ground and air
- Disappearance including fly-away and theft

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