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Submit a claim

If your drone is down, we're here to help you rise back up.
This is our moment of truth!

We understand that when you have an incident you lose precious time and money.
That's why we designed a fast, simple and transparent claim handling process.
Our team is here to make sure you are taken care of, from submission until you are back in the air.

How does the claim process work?

Submit a claim

A simple and straight forward
online process

Specialist Review

We will reach out to you
in a few hours

Handling Process

An adjuster will work to
make sure you are paid

What do we ask for?

In case of a crash/fly away

Part-107 Certificate
FAA UAS Registration Certificate
Proof of flight (digital flight log)

In case of theft

Official police report for theft
Proof of purchase

What our pilots had to say

Your team was helpful, professional and courteous throughout the claim process. You made a bad day a little better.
Andrew Alden Miller
Director, DP
I have been delighted with SkyWatch AI and Starr Insurance. The claims process was clear, efficient and resulted in a remarkably fast settlement, allowing my company to re-invest and get back in business with minimal delay. I am a happy customer, and my clients are happy too.
John Githens
Aerial Whidbey LLC
I crashed my drone on Friday and submitted the claim the same day. During the weekend the team worked to process the claim and got it resolved by Monday. I got the money in 24 hours. I sure am grateful for SkyWatch and their team.
Joey burns
The Burns View, Texas

We’re here for you,
all the way

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How do I file a claim?

How long does it take to process a claim?

How do I decide if I should file a claim or not?