Drone Liability Insurance Explained

Drone liability insurance is your way to protect yourself from damages to 3rd party entities caused by the operation of your drone. Read this article to better understand the different coverages.

Who needs drone liability insurance?

Commercial vs. Recreational

Aviation liability
Aviation liability provides pilots insurance for damage resulting out of aircraft operations.
Most general liability policies exclude aviation liability...

Bodily injury
Bodily Injury Liability pays for the bodily injury damage resulting from an accident in which the name insured is at fault.

Property damage
Property Damage Liability pays for the damage done to someone else's property as a result of the name insured's operation.

Personal injury
Personal Injury means injury, other than bodily injury or property damage caused by an offense of: false arrest, malicious prosecution, wrongful entry, slander, violations of privacy.

Medical expenses
Medical Expenses means expenses for necessary medical, surgical, x-ray or dental services, including prosthetic devices, and necessary ambulance, hospital professional nursing and funeral services. Medical expenses can be paid with no fault offering in order to avoid lawsuit, however, they do not replace bodily injury indemnity.

Indoor liability coverage

Worldwide liability coverage

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