Simplifying Commercial Aerial Inspections with Loveland Innovations

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Since the beginning of SkyWatch.AI, we’ve seen our community of pilots take on various operations in diverse industries. The ability to offer aerial services has proved necessary and beneficial on so many different levels and it’s remarkable to see such an array of services provided.


The increasing demand for drone jobs has also brought with it a need to develop smart applications to monitor and optimize pilots’ ability to offer their services. 

With regards to property inspection aerial services, Loveland Innovation’s IMGING® Solution has changed the name of the game. In this article, Luke Kennard, Loveland Innovation's Field Operations Coordinator, gives us a clear picture of what IMGING® On Demand is all about, and how to get started. 

About IMGING: 

IMGING® is a property data and inspection platform that helps you gather and analyze property information. It makes consistent data capture easy using an iOS device or automated drone, provides precise measurements, organizes photos, uses automated artificial intelligence to identify potential damage, and makes reporting, sharing, and collaboration simple.

How it Works:

IMGING On Demand incorporates all the benefits of the IMGING® platform, without the client needing to worry about drones or FAA regulations. We partner with drone pilots and service providers all over the United States to fulfill inspections using the IMGING® software. It's really simple, the client orders an inspection in the IMGING® app or on our website, we send it over to our drone pilots, the pilot captures and uploads the photos, and then - voilà we send a pristine 3D model, with measurements, photos with damage detection, and a completed inspection report back to the client. This service is perfect for insurance carriers. It works great for roofers that have steep roofs or tall structures they need inspected, no one needs to climb on the roof at all. Some of our clients use us specifically because IMGING® is better at getting measurements on structures with heavy tree coverage. The data you need can be captured that day instead of months in the past. On the commercial roofing side of things, our process is much faster than industry-standard processes. 

Insurance Requirements:

With any of our inspections, it's important to remember the risk of drone-related liabilities. This is one of the reasons why we require drone inspections to be covered by some kind of liability policy. SkyWatch.AI has met our pilots' needs. We have inspections happening from coast to coast of the United States. Some pilots need a pay as you go option for single jobs as they come up - SkyWatch.AI offers that. SkyWatch.AI also offers monthly policies for pilots that are doing work more often.

Loveland Innovations’s analysis of SkyWatch's solution

IMGING On Demand’s requirements for liability insurance are straight-forward. Most pilots save more by using Skywatch.AI than other pay-as-you-go insurance providers because you can customize the operational area and liability limits to your exact specifications. Lower liability means more savings on insurance premiums. This functionality works great for pilots in the field.

We at SkyWatch.AI are proud to provide insurance for drone pilots working with IMGING On Demand.  This service truly provides an end to end solution for consumers and drone pilots alike. Local consumers can trust that they will get exceptional service, and drone pilots can network and promote their business. 

Are you interested in high-quality drone pilot jobs for top insurance carriers? Apply to be a part of the Loveland Innovations services network. Fly and inspect properties and earn more for your skills. 

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SkyWatch.AI Drone Insurance policies are fully compliant with the requirements needed for Loveland Innovations IMGING service. Pilots can activate UAV liability insurance according to their needs by the hour, month, or year. With any policy, pilots have the ability to add Loveland Innovations as the additional insured. This ensures that Loveland Innovations is also covered under your policy. Upon adding an additional insured, pilots receive an updated certificate of insurance with the required wording. This allows you to prove your insurance quickly and easily and ultimately get to work with no hassle. Of course, adding an additional insured has no extra costs. 

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