3 Drone Tips For a Safer Flight

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SkyWatch.AI offers competitive drone liability insurance rates for pilots who share previous flight logs. By doing so, we run a complete risk analysis and in turn provide pilots with a score for each flight. The average of all flights submitted becomes the “Safety Score” and that can be applied as a discount onto one’s liability insurance and hull coverage.


To date, over 10,000 flights have been analyzed by our team, and this feature has already saved hundreds of pilots up to 50% off their insurance premiums. SkyWatch.AI believes safe pilots should and must be rewarded, and in our efforts to make our motto be heard, we have innovated our entire Safety Score process.

Seamlessly share your flight logs in the following ways:

1. Through our integration with DJI, flight logs can easily be shared directly to our DJI<>SkyWatch.AI portal. Submit at least five flights of five minutes flying time, and your logs will immediately be processed. You’ll receive your score, a full risk analysis report, and a redeemable code to your email. 

2. Our integration with Drone Deploy. More instructions can be found here

3. Share flights with us directly from AirData.

If you're using other apps to fly your drone be sure to let us know!

Now you must be thinking what aspects of my flights are being analyzed to determine my safety score? Well, while we can’t spill all the beans, this guide will give you three important tips that will ensure you a safer flight.

1. Save enough battery for landing! 

Drone Landing
Drone Landing

As many of you know, drones can rise above ground much faster than they can descend. With this in mind, be cautious of your drone’s battery percentage at all times so that you can properly save for landing. If you are not saving enough juice for landing, your drone is at a higher risk.  Even though it may have ascended up to 400 ft quickly, its return may take twice the amount of time. 

Our data has shown that drones are likely to crash when the battery level warnings are not given enough attention. 

Remember, while your drone is up in the air, weather can change, and wind can increase.  You never want to take the chance with your battery life! 

Having anything less than a 25% battery life when landing could potentially impact your flight’s safety score.

2. Distance of Drone from Pilot/Height 

Drone Pilot With Drone in sight
Julian Moiwai, SkyWatch.AI Pilot

The likelihood of a crash is heightened when your drone is out of sight because you could lose connection and have less visibility to hazards. 

So - just because your drone can travel to a high altitude, doesn’t mean it should! The FAA regulates flying above 400 feet, so if you are going above this you are breaking crucial safety rules. 

Altitude is not the only distance to consider when flying. The distance in which you are standing from your drone is also critical. If your drone is flying below 400 ft, but are you are unable to see it properly, the chances of you taking the right actions to bring it back down are also threatened. 

In short, don’t let your drone get away from you!

3. Return to Home

Drone Controller with Ipad
Drone Controller

The Return to Home button can be a big help in times of need; however, it is not always a viable solution. While we greatly value the advanced technological drone features, they are not always able to replace our human instincts.  

In fact, using the return to home button at the wrong time can even increase your chances of crashing. If you are flying in an area with many obstacles, clicking the RTH button does not ensure that this will always be detected. 

Make sure to properly practice getting your drone out of tricky situations so that if you experience it in real-time, you are not tempted to click the RTH button too quickly. Additionally, study your drone’s RTH settings to see what your drone is capable of doing when this button is actually activated. 

To conclude, if you are abiding these important measures, you are guaranteed to perform a safe, rewardable flight! If you have any questions your flight's safety - feel free to contact our team at support@skywatch.ai and we will do our best to find you the proper solutions.

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