How to Lower Your Drone Insurance Cost

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Everything You Need to Know about Lowering Drone Insurance Costs


In today’s advanced drone industry, all professional and experienced drone pilots understand the need for commercial drone insurance. Insuring your UAV proves that as a pilot you are prepared for any situation and any job. Drone insurance is dynamic, and depending on your needs, your coverages can vary. Whether you're looking for a comprehensive yearly drone insurance policy - or just hourly drone insurance - SkyWatch.AI has got you covered. 

In this guide, we will dive into all the different commercial drone insurance plans provided by SkyWatch.AI drone insurance. We will also uncover all the ways to save on your premiums, and lower the cost of your drone insurance.

Once you have a grasp on all the different policies and discounts available, you will be best equipped to choose the right policy for you!

What Coverages are Available? 

Liability Coverage: Third party Liability insurance is the foundation for all drone insurance policies. This coverage protects you against bodily injury or property damage imposed by you while operating your drone during commercial drone jobs. 

SkyWatch.AI policies start at $500,000, and extend all the way to $10,000,000. As a commercial pilot, your limit will usually be determined by your client’s request, and the potential damage in the area you are operating. 

Hull Coverage: Hull coverage can be added as an extension to your liability insurance. Hull coverage protects against your drone against any physical damage, loss or theft. This includes flyaways and water loss. With SkyWatch.AI, this extension can be added to any monthly policies with $1,000,000 in liability. Your premium will be based on your drone/ equipment’s insured value.

Indoor Coverage: Indoor coverage is another extension to your liability insurance. This will insure that you are protected when operating your drone within a confined area. SkyWatch.AI indoor insurance is available for pilots on hourly, monthly and annual policies.

How Much Does Drone Insurance Cost?

Monthly drone insurance costs can greatly differ depending on the coverage needed by each pilot. As liability insurance is the basis for all policies, should you choose to add hull coverage, the premium price will be applied on top of this initial liability cost. 

A one month $1M liability policy with SkyWatch.AI starts at $62. The cost of an annual drone insurance policy, of $1M in liability, can start at $750 for the entire year. The word start is imperative here as there are numerous ways to decrease the cost of your drone insurance before your first policy purchase! If you are simply flying by the hour, your price will be calculated based on location, duration of your flight, and the risk involved in the area. Hourly policies can range from $5-15/hour.

SkyWatch.AI Drone Insurance Discounts - All the Ways to Save

Safety Score: SkyWatch.AI is determined to reward pilots for their safe flying measures. When sharing your previous flight logs, our team will analyse your flight logs and give them an average safety score. The highest Safety Score (Diamond) will reward pilots with a 30% premium discount. Pilots can submit their flight logs before making a purchase in order to reduce their liability and hull premiums right from the very beginning!  More details can be found how to share logs and obtain a safety score here. 

Educational Discount: SkyWatch.AI has partnered with numerous drone training programs across the United States in order to provide educational discounts for educated pilots. Pilots who complete training through AUVSI, Dronitek, and Drone U are all eligible for a 15% insurance experience discount upon their first policy purchase. We also have a partnership with ParaZero which  enables new users who have the SafeAir drone safety system to get 15% their first SkyWatch.AI drone insurance policy.

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