4 Essential Actions to Locally Grow Your Drone Business

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Drone businesses come in all shapes and sizes and even the biggest and premium drone service providers had to start small. So why not start locally? If you are considering marketing and growing your drone business, we gathered these helpful tips, along with our pilot community, to make sure you are headed in the right direction.


Create a Website

It’s no secret that most people go to the internet if they want to learn more about something. Therefore, if you want to be seen, you’re going to want to have an effective website. That’s right, - effective. Forget about complex messages, flashy banners and tons of pages. Keep your website professional, simple and easy to understand.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to your website, is that your services should be focused. You don’t want to give such a broad service list that you potential clients aren’t even sure if you’d be able to provide what they are looking for. Ensure that you do your research and know how to provide specific, focused services to your target market, and make sure that your website conveys that.

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It is also critical that your website appeal to those in your local area. If you’re going to be marketing to your community, you need to show that you know the nuances of said community. Make sure that this comes through on your website.

Another element of an effective website that should go without saying, is that when someone reaches your site, they should be able to find your contact information easily. Make sure it is available on every page of the website and prominently displayed. If people can’t get ahold of you, they can’t hire you!


Google My Business Listing 

In addition to your website, it is important that you show up on other reputable websites and searches. Google My Business is a service that provides a way to promote your business, and best of all the service is completely free. You can use this service to connect with your customers and specifically control your visibility on the Google Search page.

Never underestimate the value of a service like Google My Business as it allows you to share images of your work, show your services and tell about your experience.

Here’s how to get started with Google My Business for your drone business

  • Claim your company name
  • Fill in all the details
  • Upload selected images according to the guidelines
  • Verify your business
  • Update when you can or need to

Basic Collateral

While the internet will likely be your primary focus in terms of promoting your business and interacting with your customers, there is still something to be said for the old-fashioned versions of marketing: business cards and one-pagers.

For some, it may seem outdated, but if you meet a potential client in person, having a good concise way for them to see what services you offer, and have something which they can take home and use to contact you later, is invaluable. A business card and one-pager should operate on pretty much the same principles: clear message with obvious contact information. These items are also invaluable if you plan to do in-services and presentations in which you promote your drone business in person.

 Here’s what our community had to say about collaterals: “I got a simple and clean design from a gig website that worked perfectly for me. It had everything people needed to know, my website and my phone number. It helped me look professional and made sure my friends and family had a few of those in hand, just in case”. 

Connect with Your Local Community

In addition to formal in-services and presentations, it’s important to get involved with your community. Probably every local community has its local go-to “drone pro”. So you might get asked “what drone should I buy for my kid?” here and there but eventually someone will need your service.

  • Present yourself in local gatherings (PTA meetings for example)
  • Explain that what you do and that you are operating your drone under FAA regulations
  • Build trust by explaining that you care about privacy (this will make your life easier)
  • Talk about your job

Here’s what our community had to say about local community connection: “I used to find volunteer opportunities working alongside other local businesses, that’s where your neighbors will get a chance to see you and get to know you. This helped me build trust and recognition, and made sales conversations a whole lot easier. Don’t be shy!”

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