Drone Insurance Explained - Top 3 SkyWatch.AI FAQs (+Video)

DroneDrone Insurance Explained - Top 3 SkyWatch.AI FAQs (+Video)our wonderful blue background that gives skywatch the brand it is

Three of the most important and frequent drone insurance questions, explained.


SkyWatch.AI provides comprehensive drone insurance policies that are tailor made to each drone pilot’s needs. Our policies are easily obtained through the use of a friendly mobile app, and online through our web platform. 

Our goal is to make drone insurance easy. We want to give pilots simple solutions for obtaining drone insurance, so that they can fly with peace of mind and truly focus on getting their jobs done well.

Top 3 FAQs:

What type of drone insurance policies are available with SkyWatch.AI?

SkyWatch.AI offers three different types of policies. 

  1. Hourly policies provide pilots with fully customizable liability coverage, by the hour. This is ideal for pilots who need insured on a per flight basis. 
  2. Monthly policies allow pilots the freedom of flying anytime, anywhere over the course of a month. These plans are flexible, inclusive and can be modified as you go. 
  3. Lastly, SkyWatch.A offers 365 days of coverage through our annual plans. Pilots can enjoy flexible yearly coverage, with lower hull premium rates. 

Do I have to use the SkyWatch.AI app in order to have the insurance active?

No way! Flying through the SkyWatch.AI app is completely optional. Once a policy has been activated through the SkyWatch app or web platform, you are free to fly with any app and or controller of your choice and you will still be 100% covered.

How can I prove that I have SkyWatch.AI Drone Insurance?

Upon activating a SkyWatch policy, you will immediately receive a Certificate of Insurance to your inbox. Any modifications or additions to your policy and Certificate of Insurance can be done quickly and easily in three different ways:

  1. Through our mobile app
  2. Our web platform 
  3. Or by speaking with our responsive pilot support team

We hope that these answers give you a better sense of what SkyWatch.AI drone insurance is all about. Sample insurance policies can be found online in our FAQ knowledge base. 

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To learn more about what’s included and covered in our policies, you are always invited to contact our support and community team at support@skywatch.ai.

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