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About Jeff: 

Jeff is a retired executive who enjoys playing golf 6 days a week and traveling. A few years ago he tore up his shoulder and had to take 8 months off golf. That is when he purchased his first drone. The rest is history, after losing a couple of inexpensive drones he bought his first DJI drone, a Phantom 3.

Securing The Job

I was always looking for some reason to fly the drone and I started getting opportunities to fly commercially. So I got my 107 and a few more drones, an Inspire 1, Phantom 4 Pro, and Mavic Pro, and started a company Special Point of View. I primarily do construction projects, progress work for a few contractors. I also got into flying ranch properties, golf courses, and a couple of residential realtor’s aerial work. I applied for the IMGING Service originally through a subcontractor of theirs and when I saw that I could go direct with them I changed my affiliation. While I don’t count on them for a steady flow of business, they do contact me periodically. We had a hail storm in my area last year and they were very active. So far, I have just done roof inspections.

Communication & Insurance

To get assigned for a job, first you get a call from the Field Operations Coordinator. He describes the operation at hand, and the reimbursement to which you either accept or decline. Loveland Innovations require proof of UAV Liability Insurance with them listed as additional insured, as well as a general liability policy. The jobs are generally planned a few days out, but I’ve also had them for the next day and more than a week out. I had one request for the same day as another pilot couldn’t do the job that day. Of course, you tell them how far you are willing to travel.  Mine have all been within 25 miles and one was in my neighborhood. For these operations, I primarily use my DJI Phantom 4 Pro’s and Mavic 2 Pros, and I have a couple of each and always travel with a backup. I hope to get more activity from them as time goes on. I am sure it varies by location and some of the more weather event prone areas are much busier. They are good people to work with!

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Special Point of View
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Jeff Lewis
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Part 107 Pilot
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