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About Patrick:

I am a full time Quality Data Analyst who loves to fly drones. Who would've thought that you can make good money playing with your drone? My first drone (other than the cheap ones I loved to crash) was a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced and that got me hooked on the hobby. After flying that for a few years I found out that I could be making money with my drone if I went and got my Part 107 license. After I passed the test I opened up my own sole proprietorship obtained my DBA and Patman Droneography was born. Since then I've had many construction jobs, real estate jobs, insurance jobs, and because I also love to edit videos I have done weddings, commercials, events, and often upload my own content to my YouTube channel and Facebook page displaying everything from Michigan's beautiful landscapes to Hacking around at the golf course. Some of my content has even been used on FOX, ABC, Washington Post, Oakland press, right this minute, and even one of my favorite YouTubers Phillip Defranco has used my footage. Currently, I am supporting Loveland Innovations in the Southwest Michigan area and all jobs so far have been roofing/insurance claims. I currently use a Mavic 2 Pro for all of my Loveland jobs. For the jobs that require ground photos as well, I use my iPhone 11 Pro Max and take photos right through the IMGING app. 

Securing the Job

Securing the job with Loveland Innovations is actually one of the best parts! I would like to start off by saying how professional and secure the on-boarding system of Loveland Innovations is. After applying to fly with them, if they have an opening/need in your coverage area they contact you to set up the on-boarding process which includes an on-boarding class lead by an instructor (not just a quick powerpoint) and I believe there was an exam or questions after each section, after the class they have you do a practice job (of your own home). Only then is when you are accepted. Next, they give you a phone call, describe the job/scope/location, they tell you the time of the appt. (Which is often flexible with the homeowner). And they issue the job to your profile on their IMGING application. The jobs are often scheduled 3 or more days in advance, sometimes over a week in advance. However, I have always had the option to contact the homeowner to work out a time that may work better for both of us. 


Insurance Requirements

That's the Kicker, Loveland Innovations requires both General liability and UAV Liability Insurance. Most people may not carry insurance on their drone full time and that's where SkyWatch.AI comes in to save the day with their hourly/daily/monthly/yearly insurance plans! 

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Patman Droneography
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Patrick Bush
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Part 107 Pilot
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